How to Write a Hit Christian/Gospel song

I’m a hit songwriter, and have won most of our music Industry awards.  Through, I’ve taught a whole generation of lyricists, songwriters and bands how to become hit songwriters, too.

As a coach and mentor, I work with my Contemporary Christian and Gospel songwriting clients in one-on-one, live telephone sessions.  Assuming the work you send me for your Consultation is a good fit for current Industry projects, I’ll hook you up with everyone looking for what you write and sing. 

I don’t make up the rules for Christian and Gospel songwriting success.  It’s all about what the music industry needs.  I’ve condensed those demands into five easy steps, below.

l. Melody

Gospel voices are extraordinary.  They shatter glass and make all of us absolutely believe we are light, loved, blessed and precious in a devastating, hard, dark world. 

However, having a great voice does not mean you have equally strong, marketable songwriting chops.  In addition to your singing, you need passionate, original melodies that nobody has ever heard before, along with chord progressions that are different in the verse, chorus and bridge. 

If you have a great voice but average writing chops, I urge you to be the singer, and collaborate with a hit Christian/Gospel songwriter.  That way, both of you are bringing the best of your very best gifts to the table. 

2. Lyrics

As in any genre of contemporary songwriting, your words should say what nobody has ever heard before.  Even if you are quoting Biblical text, you still need a way to use it so you aren’t recycling what other writers in your genre have already written.

There is always a new way, and a fresh approach, to professing your love for God.  He gave you a fingerprint as a person and as an artist.  Use both. 

You and God have a special, once-in-forever relationship.  As you write to and for Him, I suggest you create material that to most people, would seem to be love songs in any genre.  Only you need to know you’re writing as God’s precious child, in thanks and gratitude to Him.

3. Rhythm

A melody is a series of single notes, with rhythm.  So don’t forget the rhythm.  If you can’t play it the way you hear it, that’s okay.  Tap it on your knee, record it that way, then get together with a musical secretary who’ll help you find the right chords to go with your original melody and rhythm.  Whatever you do, don’t recycle what other people have already done.  Be original.  Write your fingerprint. 

4. Recording

The same rules that apply to recording any song in any genre apply to Contemporary Christian and Gospel songs.  Get the best singers, musicians, arrangers, engineers.  Be present – don’t send your work to some schlock, cheapo place online.  You get what you pay for.  Be there.  If something doesn’t sound right, speak up.  Most important, remember:  your recordings need to sound as strong or stronger than the ones at the top of the Billboard charts. 

5. Marketing

There is a huge amount of money to be earned from Contemporary Christian and Gospel songs.  Start by getting your material in your church hymnals.  And sung on Sundays.  Be sure you always maintain control of the writing and publishing rights.  A penny here and there adds up.  Approach other churches about performing gigs there featuring your original compositions.  And wherever your favorite Christian artists are appearing, in a church or in concert, graciously give them a CD of your songs.  “I wrote this for you.  The Lord sent me here to make sure you hear it.”

A lot of pop artists have Gospel and Christian roots.  I urge you to co-write and/or record duets with them.  Then you’re hooked into their fans as well as your own. 

One of the great things about Gospel and Contemporary Christian songs is they are never outdated.  God, plus your love for Him and His love for you, will always be in fashion.  Therefore, your songs will be relevant forever, and the money trucks will keep on rollin’ up to your front door.

The first recordings of my songs were Contemporary Christian, on an album called Step Into The Sunshine.  Every time I get a royalty statement, even now, some of those songs are still getting airplay all over the world.  They bought me my first home. 

Success isn’t an accident.  It’s a decision.  When you want my professional help as your songwriting mentor, songwriting coach and song marketeer, I’m right here for you.

Meanwhile, write well.  Do yourself and your Lord, proud.  Amen.

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