The Care and Feeding of Your Creative Spirit

As creative people, we have special gifts that “civilians” don’t, even on their best days. With our gifts comes the responsibility of keeping ourselves in a creative flow. It doesn’t fall to a groupie or manager, a spouse, therapist, healer, dealer or TV evangelist with permanently bad hair. It’s our job.

      A creative spirit that’s deprived of the positive energy it needs in order to flourish on its own causes desperate frustration, angst, fear, hopelessness and failure. Not even York Peppermint Patties can help. Not even the two-pound bag.

      But I can fix that. Right here. Right now – with this six-part series.

Part one:
Treasuring your unique qualities

      No matter where you are in your career, your fingerprint is unique. Nobody else writes like you, sings, plays or performs like you. And nobody ever will. So whether you’re still chasing renegade Costco carts across drizzling parking lots, are at the top of the charts or careening off them, it’s important to recognize your special qualities, and treasure them. Truthfully, keeping yourself esteem in tact is even more valuable to you than Grammys, Oscars or CD’s that sell thirty million units every time out.

      If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’.

      And I feel it’s absolutely essential to give yourself daily praise, no matter what is or isn’t happening in your career. I suggest that after you floss each morning, look in the mirror and say something like this, right out loud:

      “I write great tunes. Killer hooks. I get incredible, original ideas for songs. Did you hear that title? That lyric? That riff? It’s mine. I did that. Me. Right here in Ho Hum, Oklahoma. I sang my tush off last night. Amazing, right? I sure do dazzle myself. Good for me. I rock!”

      The more you make it part of your day to pump yourself up, the more productive you will be at your art. To stay that way, I recorded me listing my special qualities, including my recent post-doctoral work at traffic school and my world-class laundry-folding chops, and I listen to that CD as I drive to the mail box every day to pick up your consulting packages. I keep my Molly List on the fridge, as well as on my bathroom mirror and in my wallet. It serves me well. I’m writing better than ever.

      So I pass this along to you.

      Be your own cheering section, especially when you think you’re doing terribly.

      Do it every day.

      Several times a day.

      I bet you’ll see you that it really makes a positive difference for good. Let me know when it kicks in, okay? Then look for part two in this six part series, coming soon.

      Meanwhile, I’m in your corner all the way.

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