How Do I Get My Songs Published?

Lyricists, composers and singer/songwriters constantly ask me "how do I get my songs published? How do I find a music publisher?"

To find the publishing company that's right for you, read Billboard Magazine. If you write country songs, look on the country chart. If you're a pop writer, look on the pop chart. But don't be a gospel writer looking for a music publisher on the rock ‘n roll chart. Music publishers are very specialized and so are their connections.

Many singers do their own songs. But if you don't sing, it's a different story. Say you want to get a song to Martina McBride, for example. Look on the Billboard country singles chart and see who the publisher was for her most recent hit. Then find out where that publishing company is, call, find out who that publisher's assistant is, and call again, sounding confident and professional.

Assuming that company is looking for material in your genre, send a CD and follow up, follow up, follow up. If you find out the music publisher didn't think the song was right for Martina, ask if there's still room on the CD and send another song that might be more in the pocket.

A music publisher's job is to explore absolutely every avenue to create revenue from songs. Beyond placing material on CD's, and as TV themes, there are opportunities to get your songs in TV movies and sit-coms, in commercials, on movie soundtracks, and create additional income streams through foreign rights, too. A good music publisher will have strong contacts in all venues, and be able to make your song into a non-stop money-making machine.

For more information on how to find the right music publisher, whether you write for others or if you sing your own songs, I recommend my books and CD's.

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