"How To Be A Hit Songwriter" by Molly-Ann Leikin

This is the only songwriting book for advanced songwriters of pop songs, gospel songs, rock songs, New Country songs, R & B songs, contemporary Christian songs, dance songs and alternative songs.

Awarded five stars out of five in every review, this is the last book you’ll ever have to buy before becoming a hit songwriter.

After reading “How To Write A Hit Song” by Molly-Ann Leikin, and you are ready to step up to the professional level of lyric and music writing, production and music marketing , then this songwriting book, “How to Be a Hit Songwriter” is for you.

Some of the highlights of this inspiring, funny 190 pages on advanced, professional songwriting and marketing are:

1. How to make yourself famous. Pop diva Lady Gaga insists she is first, last and always, a master of publicity. But she starts with good songs. Did you know that Lady Gaga works with a co-writer? So does Taylor Swift.

2. How to write original, hit melodies in pop songs, R & B songs, country songs, rock songs, gospel songs, alternative songs, dance songs, contemporary Christian songs.

3. Refusing to hear the word no! You never take no as your final answer. Never!

4. Marketing your songs with a marketing plan, which you’d do for any other great product.

5. Seven easy steps to writing hit lyrics. This is the gold standard process developed by Molly-Ann Leikin, which has helped hundreds of thousands of lyric writers, singers, music producers and music writers create strong, award-winning lyrics for their songs, music tracks, mp3’s and CD’s in all genres – pop songs, rock songs, R & B songs, country songs, gospel songs, contemporary Christian songs, alternative songs and dance songs.

6. How to overcome writers’ block – you control it, it doesn’t control you.

There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck. Nothin’. But “How to Be a Hit Songwriter” gets you ‘way past that, onto the Billboard charts.

7. How to write love songs that say something new
You have a fingerprint as a person. You also have one as a lyricist, composer, producer and singer. This book shows you how to write your fingerprint, not someone else's.

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