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Songwriting collaboration is a fantastic adventure.My writing partners are talented people just like you who usually have part of a song but need help finishing it. Maybe you’ve written a first verse but are stuck there. Maybe you write words or music but need the other half. Maybe you have an absolutely killer chorus or title. I start with what you have and take it the rest of the way.

After we’ve had a consultation on the song you’ve started, if what you’ve begun strikes me smack in the gut as something I absolutely know what to do with to give it every chance of having a shot as a hit, I will offer a songwriting collaboration between the two of us.

When I do, I charge a creative fee as an advance against future songwriting royalties. That advance includes my finishing the song with you, plus all production/marketing costs.

The very first songwriting collaboration in which I participated this way was an enormous success. “I Hear Your Heart” was a finalist at Eurovision, which is like “American Idol” in Europe.

Do you have a start on a song/lyric/title and need help finishing it? I’d be happy to discuss our songwriting collaboration.

Lyric collaboration

Many very, very talented songwriters around the world write great melodies needing words, and contact me to discuss a lyric collaboration in the hope that I will write the words to their music, making their instrumental into a finished song.

I love to do this!

Here’s how it works: if you have a melody needing words, once I hear it in a songwriting consultation, assuming your tune “sings” to me, stabbing me in the heart and making this project absolutely irresistible, then I’ll be happy to discuss a lyric collaboration.

Once we agree on all the business terms, and get our lyric collaboration agreement signed and out of the way, I will discuss the title or titles I “hear” for our finished song and we’ll decide together which one is best for the melody and the marketplace. When the words are complete, I’ll sing them to you over your tune to show you where every syllable goes. Then, as the last step in our lyric collaboration, I will make a master-quality recording of our song and go after every opportunity on this earth to find our song the right and perfect home.

I invite you to listen to some of the great contemporary songs I’ve been asked to write and in which I participated by lyric collaboration.

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