Co-writing Songs

I love to co-write songs, especially with undiscovered, new writers, who have original, amazing ideas and have made a good start on the songs they send me for consultation.  Once we agree to co-write, and the paperwork is in order, I will add my expertise and my magic, dig deep for the best of the best of me, and turn your good beginning into a great song!

Some of my clients send me lyrics that need music.  Some send me music that needs lyrics.  Others send me finished songs that are maybe 80% there – and when I add the Molly to them, look out – they are potential hits!  

Many of my new clients have been trying and trying and trying for years, but getting absolutely nowhere.

When we co-write, I change all that.

Twelve of my clients are Grammy winners, fourteen more are Grammy nominees, and so far, with my help, 7341 other writers and artists have placed their work in movies, TV shows, in video games, commercials, on CD's, and their tracks are downloaded all over the web.

Are you next?

It all starts with a consultation. I recommend a five-song minimum, since the work you feel is your best, may not be the best for the marketplace. And the songs you don't send, may be the big ones!

Once the songs we co-write are finished and recorded by my production team, I immediately contact my marketing team, the best three songpluggers in the world, who hit the ground running to get your brand new songs recorded and licensed for use in movies, TV, commercials and on CD's.

It all starts with a consultation.

Once I’ve seen your work in that songwriting consultation, if and only if I feel I have the special magic in my heart to turn the work you’ve started into a hit song, I’ll contact you immediately to discuss every step of that collaboration process, including my creative fee.

You can learn how you can send me your work for consultation or feel free to email me at to discuss your project.

Please note:  for legal reasons, any material sent to me without my consulting fee, must, regrettably, be deleted immediately.

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