The Money Hello

Your new project is finally finished.  Time to switch into marketing mode. 

But you don’t know anybody.  Sleezeballs, maybe, but no one legit.

First, lose the sleezeballs. 

Then, compose a snappy introduction.  Use it at every industry function, and in all contact mail.  
I call it the money hello.   You’ve only got a few seconds to convince busy strangers that taking the time to read or hear your pitch, let alone listen to your work, will lead them to an instant eighteen-wheeler full of unmarked hundreds.    

Try something like this:

“I’m Jalapeño Pincus.  I write and sing New Country, there are ten hit singles on my new CD,
Word is there’s nobody better than you at what you do, so I want us to meet before I sign with someone else.”

The letter you don’t want to write is:  “kno job kno fud wiffe run offf w truk n trukker gotta sail mi songs t mak bayl..”  Nobody wants to hear your sad story.  Or deal with your give-me-strength spelling.  So re-read what you write before sending it.  And rewrite it, too.  Just as if it were a song. 

A powerful, short intro is essential to capturing someone’s attention.  It’s like getting to the hook quickly in a song.  While composing your message, be sure to ask how, and in which format, to submit your work, to whose attention, at which address, the anticipated turn-around time, and how to mark the message/package so it won’t be mistaken for spam.

Let me know how you do.

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