Selling Your Country Songs

Most rock, hip hop and rap singers record their own songs, but the market in country music has many more openings for original tunes and lyrics.

Many of the most popular country singers on the top of the charts do not write and don't pretend they do.   So if you are looking for an opening and a way to get your foot in the door of the music business, writing country songs is the way to go.

Country Songwriting

Country song lyrics are critically important - much more so than in rock and hip hop where the rhythm rules and it's mostly about the sound rather than the song.   In country songs, the record is built around the song.   So the words and music have to be strong enough on their own - sung a cappella - to warrant the effort to make a good record.   In country music, it's all about the song.

The royalties from a number one country song are $250,000 a week, every week it's number one, plus $250,000 a year, every year thereafter, for your whole life plus 70 years, which is the duration of the copyright.   Pretty nice payday?   You bet.

Country Song Marketing

If you'd like my help marketing country lyrics and country songs, I'd be pleased to set up a country song marketing consultation with you.   My services are right here: View my Services here.

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