By Molly-Ann Leikin


When writers and artists send us their songs/CD’s/Mp3’s for consultation, we are happy to accept them if they have the following information at the bottom of each lyric, on each CD and mp3: 
the letter C with a circle around it, followed by the year in which you wrote the song, followed by your full, legal name. 

Here’s an example:



© 2018 Molly-Ann Leikin



With that symbol on your work, we will accept it for consultation.  Without it, for legal reasons, we cannot.  

You can write that symbol by hand or type it on your work.

Since the circle around the C is not on a normal computer keyboard, what you type is an open bracket, (, followed by the letter C, followed by a closed bracket, ), which magically turns into a circle around the C.

With that symbol on your work, you know it is protected, as do we, so there isn’t a trust issue between us.  And trust is so important in the creative process.

While we get thousands of requests asking us how to file copyrights, we are consultants, not lawyers, so we aren’t licensed to give you legal advice. 

However, as far as our company is concerned, when submitting material to us for consultation, as long as you put the copyright symbol, as shown above, on each item you send us, along with our professional fee, we are happy to accept it.  

Otherwise, we have no choice but to discard your work.

Other companies may have other criteria, but ours is as stated above.

Please note:  at this time, we have a three-song/lyric minimum.

Thank you for respecting the professional parameters of this consultancy.

Write well today.  We’re in your corner all the way.



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