What Happens in a Lyric Consultation?



The power players in the music business are acutely aware that Molly knows the best new, lyricists, unsigned bands, writers/artists everywhere, and constantly seek her out for referrals.

 Twelve of Molly-Ann Leikin's clients are Grammy winners. Sixteen more are Grammy nominees.

Among her personal songwriting services, Molly offers a careful, complete and professional opinion of your lyrics, based on her 35 years in the music business in L.A., Nashville, New York and London. She does this by means of consultation/evaluation.

What happens in your lyric consultation
with Molly-Ann Leikin?


1. Molly offers one-on-one songwriting services. No check lists. No forms. You get Molly.

2. When you submit your lyrics for consultation, and pay Molly’s modest professional fee, she will thoughtfully review each of your lyrics, make detailed notes about every syllable, and help you decide which of your lyrics are the strongest candidates for success in the current marketplace.

3. Molly gives you gentle and supportive feedback, while telling you the truth, and nothing but the truth, about your writing.

4. Much of the work submitted to Molly for consultation is just right for the marketplace as is. But sometimes, there may be a song or two in your consulting package that needs a little tweaking before it can realistically compete with the best songs out there.

5. As part of her songwriting services, during your lyric consultation, Molly will go through each of your lyrics, syllable-by-syllable, making very specific suggestions on how to tweak your work just a tad so it is as strong as it needs to be to compete with the very best work out there. That’s all included in Molly’s consulting fee.

6. Assuming what you send for consultation is a good fit for the current marketplace, Molly will hook you up with composers and/or singer/songwriters in your genre who are looking for talented, new lyricists. There is no additional fee for this referral.

7. Once your whole song is finished – with words and music - the composer, who most likely has a home studio and records digitally, will make your song sound as full and professional as the hits on iTunes and the Billboard charts. No demos. Masters. Using a digital studio, chances are good there will be no cost to you for the recording, especially if the melody writer, or his best buddy, sings, which is usually the case.

8. If you revise your lyrics after your initial consultation, as one of her songwriting services, Molly will arrange a follow-up consultation on previously submitted material at a friendly, reduced fee. Revisions are not included in Molly’s original consulting fee. Each version of each song is a separate song.

9. Molly is not the music police. She does not control the Industry. Her professional feedback and songwriting services are based on her 35 years of experience in the industry and on her being in the trenches, every day, hearing who needs what for whom, and when.

10. While Molly’s doors are open to all talented writers, if you can’t take professional criticism, instead of seeking out Molly’s songwriting services for a consultation/market evaluation of your lyrics, send them to your mother.

11. If you want a guaranteed “This is brilliant, you’ll be #1 on iTunes by sundown” response, send your work to “scuzzbuckets in Tuscaloosa”. You can identify a slimeball when he offers you prizes sight unseen, he “publishes” your lyrics for a fee and offers to “write” a worthless, recycled melody, recorded by someone who sings flat, for $200.00. Not.

12. When you want professional songwriting services, from someone in the real music industry, Molly is here for you.

Write well today.

We’re in your corner all
the way.