Part Five: The Care and Feeding of Your Creative Spirit

There’s a New Age community on the Central Coast to which most traditionalists refer as the Woo Woo’s. Before you write them off as just another multitude of m’shuganas, in my brief dealings with them at “touchy-feely” gatherings, I’ve found these people to be intuitive, smart, sensitive, content people. I believe everyone we meet has something to teach us, and the Woo Woo’s tell me that being grateful for what we have is as strong a magnet as there is for pulling in more of what we want.

      In keeping with that mindset, instead of saying “I need an engineer. Please – please – send me one. And wouldja hurry up? I gotta have an engineer”, I’ve learned to say “Thank you, Universe, for sending me the engineer who’s just right for my ongoing projects.” After making that statement, I was told to release it out into the right corner of the sky to let it find what I needed and bring it home when the time was right. By doing so, I was releasing all demand, which can and will kill anything good, and I was letting it happen when it was ready to.

      The Woo Woo’s refer to this as one of their laws of attraction. And a friend from Monday yoga II told me the power of that law is multiplied many times over by saying Gratitudes several times a day.

      In that spirit, I’ve been declaring how grateful I am out loud before rolling out of bed each morning.

      I am grateful for the orange sunrise coming up the road. 
      I am grateful for waking up happy.
      I am grateful for spring and the birds that have come back home to my carrot wood tree, and all the others who think the red tiles in my roof are some sort of an upscale, avian housing development. 
      I am grateful for my cozy bed, clean, crisp pink sheets and the matching duvet that’s going on sale in 42.6 days.
      I am grateful for my boundless imagination.
      I am grateful for all of my songs, past, present and future. 
      I am grateful for mint-flavored dental floss.
      I am grateful for the tablet PC I just ordered, on which I can write longhand so I won’t ever have to sit at a vertebrae-squashing desk again. 
      I am grateful for Fuji apples. 
      I am grateful for Pippin apples.
      I am grateful for Macintosh apples.
      I am grateful for onions that are not in my tuna.
      I am grateful for being grateful.

      Even though I thought it was a crock at first, reciting my Gratefuls every day, several times a day, has really changed my attitude. And my attitude has changed my life. Don’t misunderstand me. There’s nothing at all the matter with praying for things to change, but for me, acting as if they already have is much more powerful.

      Instead of saying “I’m lonely and I’d really love to be in a healthy relationship with a great heterosexual, monogamous, single man”, I now say “I have a great relationship with a wonderful, heterosexual, single guy”.

      I said I have it instead of I need it or please, please, please give it to me.

      It sure feels powerful to state it the way I’d like it to be, instead of wringing my hands worrying if it will happen.

      We can do the “I have’s” and “I’m gratefuls” with our careers, too. Instead of saying “I really need a gig so I can pay my bills next month”, how about “I have great gigs, can pay all my bills on time, in full, when they come due next month and every month after that for the rest of my life.”

      “I am grateful for my remarkable career that’s getting better every day.”

      “I have a phenomenal deal with a muscle label and my single is number one. Again.”

      “I am grateful for the right agent, producer and manager.”

      “I have everybody I need in my corner.”

      See the difference?

      Try it.

      Trust it.

      I bet you’ll get great results.

      Let me know when you do.

      Meanwhile, I have every confidence in you.

      And I am grateful you trust me to be on your success team.

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