Consultation: 9 Songs and/or Lyrics

Consultation: 9 Songs and/or Lyrics


All songs must be written or co-written by the same person.

Please email all of your songs, in mp3 format with lyrics, and your questions, on the same day, for the same consultation. Submit lyric sheets, not lead sheets. Very few people in the music business can actually read music. But they can hear!

In order for the package price to apply, we need you to pay for your consultation and email all your songs/lyrics/questions on the same day. Otherwise, we will have to charge you an additional $150.00 per song. Thank you.

Each version of each song is a separate song. When submitting revisions of songs previously sent for consultation, please pay for the new consultation, using the fee schedule below:

Once a consultation has been paid for, there are no refunds. Thank you for respecting the professional parameters of this consultancy.

Assuming what you send me for consultation is a good fit for current projects in the marketplace, I will hook you up with those projects. If you've got the tracks, I’ve got the contacts.

When you have your consultation scheduled with Molly, she will allow a fifteen minutes grace period. If you still don't show for your consultation, you will forfeit it. To reschedule, Molly charges a $75.00 No Show fee.

Thank you for respecting the professional parameters of this consultancy.

Please note: Molly is in California. When calculating the time difference between where you are and where she is, type "time now in California" into any search engine, and you will get it just right.

That said, bring it!

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