Master Class In Songwriting

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Molly-Ann Leikin’s Complete
Home-Study Master Class
in Songwriting 

Molly's complete home-study hit songwriting course takes you through basic contemporary song structure, to recording, muscle marketing, to promoting your great songs and lyrics everywhere! 


What is included in the complete
Master Class package? 

How to Write a Hit Song, Fifth Edition, paperback book

How to be a Hit Songwriter, paperback book

Master Class In Songwriting MP3-CD Edition

starting at $129.00

I listened to this over and over. Now I’m six with a bullet on the Country chart. Thanks, Molly. You really came through for me.


Master Class In Songwriting

MP3-CD Edition

Molly-Ann Leikin has produced of the best-selling MP3 CD, "Molly-Ann Leikin's Master Class in Songwriting," a collection of the Master Classes she taught at UCLA

This is a complete home-study hit songwriting course - from basic pop song structure to muscle marketing to promoting your hit songs everywhere! 

6.5 hour (approx.) MP3 Edition



Sheet Music for An American

 Sheet Music for An American Hymn
(Theme from East of Eden)
By Molly-Ann Leikin & Lee Holdridge


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Molly's Books

How to Write a Hit Song: This inspiring, personal, fast-paced and perennial best-seller by hit songwriter Molly-Ann Leikin, teaches you the fundamentals of writing and marketing your words and music.

How to be a Hit Songwriter: This is the only songwriting book for advanced songwriters of pop songs, gospel songs, rock songs, New Country songs, R & B songs, contemporary Christian songs, dance songs and alternative songs. 


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